Performing throughout Australasia
in September, October & November 2023
with Sleeping Beauty.
Performing throughout Australia
in September & October 2023
with Sleeping Beauty.
“Some of the sweetest pas de deux in traditional ballet”.
Sleeping Beauty

Following their 2022 performances of Swan Lake, the Royal Czech Ballet return to Australia & New Zealand with their presentation of the classic masterpiece, Sleeping Beauty.

Sleeping Beauty follows the story of Princess Aurora. When the bad fairy Carabosse is not invited by the King to the Princess’ christening, she casts a spell on the Princess that will mean she will die if pricked by a needle from the age of 16. The King tries to protect his daughter by banning all needles in the Kingdom, however Princess Aurora accidently pricks her finger on her sixteenth birthday. 100 years later, a handsome prince stumbles upon the Sleeping Beauty, Princess Aurora, where she is awoken from her sleep and witchcraft is defeated.

The Royal Czech Ballet’s performances of Swan Lake in 2022 were acclaimed by theatre goers and critics alike and will feature international soloists Natalie Kusch and Nicolai Nazarkevich.

Featuring elite dancers direct from Europe including… Italy, Moldova & Ukraine

The Royal Czech Ballet was formed in the Czech Republic in 2008 by its Artistic Director Andrey Scharaev. The beginning of the company was not an easy one, as it required significant investment to implement Andrey’s plans. By organizing gala concerts, festivals, all monies earned were spent on new costumes and scenery for future performances. By working hard, the company gained acclaim with their performances of traditional classical ballets including Swan Lake, The Nutcracker, Sleeping Beauty, Don Quixote and Giselle. They have toured extensively throughout Europe and beyond.

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Royal Czech Ballet
Andrey Scharaev
Artistic Director

I was born in Moldova. My father was a doctor and my mother was a music teacher at an art school. It was at school where my creative path began, completely by accident.

I graduated from the School of Arts, immediately entering the choreographic school, where I successfully graduated in 1995 with a Diploma as a professional ballet dancer. I was hired by the National Opera of Chisinau, Moldova, but I really wanted to try myself in the West. After 10 years of work in the theatre, I left for the USA. Following two years of work with several US ballet companies, I returned to Europe and settled in the Czech Republic, where I founded the Royal Czech Ballet company in 2008.

The start of the company was not an easy one, it required significant investment to implement our plans. We organized Gala concerts, festivals and spent all the money we earned on new costumes and scenery for our future performances. Luck was on our side, we worked hard and we made it. Now we have traditional classical performances in our repertoire: Swan Lake, The Nutcracker, Sleeping Beauty, Don Quixote, Giselle. We tour a lot in Europe and beyond.

We are very happy to present our ballet performance of Swan Lake to audiences in Australia and New Zealand. In this difficult time for everyone, while there is a conflict in Ukraine, we want to bring good will through our art. We have an international company with dancers from different European countries, including Ukraine. The theatre is something that has always united people and will continue to do so.

We sincerely wish you all peace and happiness and look forward to seeing you at our performances.